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Because we are trained to think that suds means cleaning action, Commercial manufacturers developed chemicals that would continue to produce suds throughout the entire wash leading us to think all those suds were necessary and that our laundry was really getting clean. That was for show.


We created a laundry detergent that would just clean clothes without the unhealthy additives.  

 These same synthetic chemicals are the cause for a host of skin irritations because they are very difficult to fully flush out.

Suds will indicate the presence of a surfactant in the water.

By definition: surfactant, (n.) An agent, for example, a detergent or a drug, that reduces the surface tension of liquids so that the liquid spreads out, rather than collecting in droplets.

Nearly all surfactants in commercial detergent products and even personal care products are chemically derived and are a major source for the pollution in our water streams today.

 When they are introduced to our water system they will pollute our water supplies indefinitely.

When you use True there are no harmful chemicals irritating your skin, and no harmful chemicals released into the our water ways to destroy our fresh water supply.